These pages are devoted to honoring coaches in professional baseball. The players get most of the press, and rightly so. But a fair amount of that success depends upon the coaching staffs at all levels. Plus, it is fun to see what former players are now in the coaching ranks and where they are working. Just like the players, many coaches are trying to move up through the minor league systems to reach the major leagues.

I am tracking coaches according to this time frame:
1991 - Major league managers and coaches
2001 - Minor league managers and coaches
2006 - Independent leagues - this actually varies by when the league was established but mostly holds true. Since independent leagues come and go, I am not trying to track them historically. I will just try to keep up as they progress.
2006, 2009, 2013 - World Baseball Classic
Fall / Winter Leagues
College / University coaches. This section only lists coaches who once played in the major leagues.

If you want statistics and more descriptive biographical information, go to the Baseball-Reference page. They maintain a lot of information on coaches but do not give an annual breakdown of who coached where and in what role. Especially in the minor leagues, coaches change roles frequently. Many Baseball Reference biographies will say that the individual coached for an organization but not tell you in what role. Some coaches listed in this wiki are not covered on the Baseball Reference site at all, especially younger coaches in the low minors and/or the independent leagues.

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